Plumbing - Installation services in Nigeria

Teknitech Engineering Ltd specializes in delivering unique Design & Drafting services in the Engineering industry. Our team will assist you develop your Engineering designs from conceptualization to actualization.

1. Plumbing routing & installation (Residential & Commercial)

We can assist you develop the architectural design for your dream home. our Architect's give utmost attention to every detail you need and have acquired numerous years of experience. This makes them privileged in giving you the best advice on what Building structures are most suitable for your lands or property spaces. Our prices are also affordable and you are free to recommend changes to the design.

2. Water supply system design & installation

Do you wish to determine the Cooling load requirement for your building or space? Teknitech Engineering Ltd makes this possible via the use of HAP software (Hourly Analysis Program). HAP is an industry software that enables one to determine the Heating & Cooling load requirmenet for any building or space p[rovided that the building's orientation, function, material of construction and some other important characteristics have been defined. HAP offers as much as 99% accuracy in determination of a building's cooling load requirment. More over, our staffs will also make use of manual calculation methods to verify results gotten via HAP, thus making sure that you have the most accurate result possible.

3. Plumbing fixtures & accessories installation

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