Course Outline

In Nigeria, Graduates lack the skill level to fit into the work place. Thus there is a need for introductory and specialized courses that will prepare them for the tasks ahead. This is where our specialty is needed most.

Teknitech Engineering Ltd is a leading service provider for Electrical design & drafting services in the Engineering industry. Thus our instructors provide a practical view-point to their training techniques. Our Course contents cut across both the Electrical Design and Drafting specializations. Teknitech Engineering Ltd will provide students with:

  • Course manuals in Hard copy format
  • Textbooks & Databooks will be provided in Hard copy formats
  • Quizzes will be carried out after each module

1. Fundamentals of Electrical Designing

  • Fundamentals of Electrical Designing
  • Types of Electricity
  • Sources of Electricity
  • Generation, Transmission, Distribution & Utilization of electricity
  • Ohms law
  • Definitions terms & terminologies in Electrical Designing
  • Types of Load

2. Introduction to Electrical Designing

  • Electrical Services design
  • Work flow in building construction design
  • Steps involved in designing of Electrical Services
  • Standard Voltages
  • Important Formulae
  • Codes & Standards

3. Illumination Design

  • Basics – Luminance
  • Illuminance
  • Lamp & luminarie difference
  • Basic types of lightings
  • Internal & External Lumen,Lux UF,CU
  • Calculation of no. of lighting fixtures
  • Space Height Ration, Mounting of lighting fixtures

4. Power System Design

  • Types of power sockets connected in a building
  • 3-pin socket connection diagram
  • Control switch board wiring

5. Cable Selection & Sizing

  • Types of Cables used- XLPE & PVC
  • Cables Size of cables for motors
  • Over-load protection of motor
  • Selection of cables as per Indian Standards & Saudi Standards & DEWA

6. Cable routing

  • Conduit: Types of conduit- Rigid, Steel, IMC, EMT,PVC, PVC - Coated, Liquid- Tite/Seal lite
  • Conduit selection
  • Cable Tray:
    • Cable Tray material, finishing of cable tray
    • Types of cable trays - Ladder Type, Solid Bottom cable tray, Trough Cable tray, Channel Cable tray, Wire mesh cable tray, Single,Rail cable tray

7. Circuit Breakers

  • Types of Circuit Breakers - MCB, MCCB, ACB, VCB & RCCB
  • Working Principle of ELCB & RCD
  • Limitations of RCCB, ELCB
  • Types of Circuit Breakers based on No.of poles - SP, DP, TP, TPN, 4P, 4PN
  • Difference between TPN& 4P
  • Where to use TP,TPN,& 4P in Distribution Panel
  • Earth & Neutral Concept
  • Calculation of Size of C.B.

8. Distribution Board Scheduling

  • Distribution Board Scheduling
  • Nomenclature of Distribution Board

9. Capacitor Bank Sizing

  • Protection of Capacitor Bank
  • Size of C.B for Capacitor protection
  • Size of cables for Capacitor connection
  • Maximum size of Discharge resistor for capacitor
  • Effect of Decreasing Voltage & Frequency on rating of capacitor
  • Annual saving & payback period before PF Correction, & after PF Correction
  • Types of Capacitor configuration of Capacitor Banks
  • Effect of series & parallel connection of Capacitors

10. Transformer sizing

  • Transformer Sizing
  • Selection of Transformers
  • Earthing of Tranformers
  • Transformer Cooling

11. Earthing

  • Importance of Earthing, points to be earthed
  • Methods of earthing (or) types - Plate, Pipe, Rod, Strip
  • Calculation of Min-Crosssectional area of earthing conductor
  • Standard Earthing weight
  • Size of Earthing conductor.

12. Diesel Generator Sizing

  • Types of Stand-by Power rating Diesel Generator sets
  • Prime Power rating Diesel Generator sets
  • Continuous Power rating Diesel Generator set
  • Example for calculation

13. UPS Sizing & Selection

Types- Offline & Online UPS Example for calculation

14. Voltage Drop Calculations

15. Electrical Drafting - AutoCAD

  • Representation of Electrical concepts in Design drawing
  • Design drawings & Shop drawings
  • Symbols and Legends:
    • Lamps, Fans Sockets, Exhaust Fans, A/C etc.
  • Drawing Details:
    • Single Line Drawing (SLD)
    • Lighting Layout
    • Power Layout
  • Electrical Wiring & Installation for Single-phase & Three-Phase systems for:
    • Bungalows
    • Duplexes
    • Multi-storey buildings

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